Friday, February 22, 2008


Got the call on Thursday...yipppeeee!!!

Okay. That's good news, right? We have been highly anticipating that final phone call from our agency. The one where we find out that China says, "Come on over and get your girl!"

Well, I'm sorry if I'm not my usual effusive self. It's because we were told that would would likely not leave for another 5 weeks!

Yep, you heard me right. That would be March 27, 2008. That's when then next previously scheduled non special needs group is set to travel (we are on the special needs track due to Noelle's heart defect).

The dates aren't firm as of yet. It all hinges on AWAA getting in several other TA's by, like, this coming Monday! If that happens, an earlier group may be considered.

I'm bummed. Eric is bummed.

But, we're not giving up hope. We have seen God perform some amazing miracles throughout this journey, so we're not about to give up on Him now. Please join us in praying for other families to get their TA's quickly (they are waiting just as anxiously as we have been), and that all the pieces come together smoothly and quickly for an earlier travel date.

We'll keep you posted. Just look for those miracles...


Peanut's Mommy said...

Congratulations. What a good week this has been for Hefei families!! Your little Noelle is gorgeous. Fingers crossed that you can go sooner!

Another Hefei Mommy

Denise said...

Congrats on your won't be long!
That said, I think that AW should be pressured into making an earlier group...just my opinion, but 5 weeks is unacceptable! Our RA was on 2/4 so I truly expect that our TA will come too late to travel in an earlier group, but they should make another one. If I had my TA I would be advocating to go sooner than 3/27.

Jennifer&Eric said...


I feel your frustration. Believe me, we are doing LOTS of praying about it!

Thanks for your well wishes. :)