Thursday, February 7, 2008

Love Goes On a Plane

Today an ordinary looking cardboard box filled with diapers, Cherry Mash candies (made in St. Joe, MO), cinnamon graham crackers, a soft blanket, a stuffed animal, a photo album, a camera, and a letter in Mandarin is jetting its way towards China. In reality, that box is actually filled to the brim with Love and Hugs and Kisses. And in 9 or 10 days, a little girl with almond eyes and thick dark hair will see, for the very first time, the faces of her mommy and daddy.

I am missing my daughter so very much today. And I'm having a difficult time writing this post because my tears are blurring the computer screen. I'm so glad these gifts go before us, to familiarize her with our faces and our smells (the blanket); I just wish that I, rather than one of the kind Chinese women, could be the one to deliver these small tokens of love into our daughter's waiting arms.

Longlan, the friendly woman from Research-China.Org who translated our letter (and for an extrememly reasonable price), asked me to let her know when the package is expected to be delivered. She wanted to know so she could call the Hefei Orphanage just to make sure Noelle had gotten the package. Wow! We didn't even ask her to do this. She also said it would be no problem to check on Noelle's current clothing size and inquire about her health. Another wow! She wants to do this just out of kindness. This has warmed my heart and gives me such comfort. God bless her!!!


Anonymous said...

language translator - might be helpful??

Denise said...

I am from AW also and we are waiting on our TA too! You will probably get yours sooner, but who knows, we may travel together. Your daughter is a beauty~

Jennifer & Eric said...


Thanks for 'coming to visit'. :) I've visited your blog in the past as well (your daughter is a cutie!), but now I see it's had a make-over... Looks great! Prayin' hard for those TA's--


Cheri H said...

Another AW mom (who has already traveled) who is praying TA come soon for all of you who are waiting. I remember how hard it was. I can't wait to read that they are in. Your daughter is beautiful.

Redmom2005 said...

Those Cherry Mash Candies sound GREAT!! Hope your little sweetie loves her package! Can't wait to follow along on your trip to China! Looking forward to seeing those "first" pictures of you with your little angel!!

Erin DeNicolo
adoptedfromhefei group