Saturday, March 1, 2008

Oh, the Stuff!

11 days and counting...

Yesterday Eric and I blazed through Kansas City running some errands and purchasing more baby items and things for the trip. Our first stop was 'The Compete Traveler' (awesome shop!) to purchase money belts, passport wallets, travel system packing envelopes (they squish LOTS of clothes in a tight space -cool!), No-Jet-Lag homeopathic tablets, and other odds and ends.

Neither one of us has ever traveled internationally (well, unless you count the fact that Eric was actually born in Icelend), so even aside from the whole first-time-parent thing, this China trip is quite the adventure for us. I also think the luggage size and weight limitations are bringing out the MacGyver in Eric. He's the packing KING! He's having way too much fun with his tape measure and angles and equations and stuff. (Don't forget the duct tape!)

Look out, China! Here come some more of those crazy photo-snapping touristy-type Americans heading your way!

(Nah, we'll be good...)

[Next international trip - Ireland! Right, honey?]

We also went to 'Gordman's' for their sales and a new suitcase. We purchased a nice, big expandable one with losts of extra compartments. It even swivels 360 degrees on its nifty wheels. I probably had a bit too much fun "trying it out" in the store... I also purchased a couple pairs of lightweight walking shoes so I can take on The Great Wall, The Forbidden City, downtown Hefei, etc. with the best of them. Eric will be trekking through China in his tough ol' Man-Boots, and he wanted me to surrender my cute (but cheap and uncomfortable) girly shoes for something practical. He's figuring on carrying Noelle on his back, but doesn't seem to want to carry me on his back as well. Dude! What gives??

Our last errand of the day took us to BabiesRUs for a couple last baby-proofing items and a seat protector for the car. We ended the evening by relaxing with friends at Barnes&Noble. Whew!! Next week we should be able to finish up our list with OTC's, snacks for the plane and hotel room, and other last minute items from Walmart and Target.

Then-- then-- then-- Oh my goodness! We'll be flying to CHHHIIIIINNNNNNNAAAAAAA!!!!


Anonymous said...

I do hope you met the owners of the Complete Traveler, Mary & Gerry. Mary is my cousin. Gerry is also a great addition to the family even though is imported with a great Irish accent. I'm sure they made some great suggestions on what you would need for the trip.

Love the blog.
God Bless you both.
Lisa Richardson

Jennifer&Eric said...


We had a GREAT chat with your cousin Mary and Gerry. Super nice people, and they did give us lots of great packing suggestions. They were also very excited about Noelle and told us about some friends of theirs who have adopted from China. We've been to the shop several times and always love going. Next time we're in, we'll have to tell them our connection to you! :)

Thanks for visiting~