Saturday, March 1, 2008

Future Topics

I must tear myself away from the computer now. I have open cabinet doors in the kitchen calling me back to my project from earlier this morning: My "move-the-sharp-objects-and-poisonous-liquids-to-a-higher-shelf and clean-this-mess-up-while-you're-at-it" project. My friend Dawn also dropped off some boxes today for other organizational tasks awaiting my attention.


When I do return to Cyber Land, I hope to write on the following topics:

-Noelle's Benefit Concert: The Compete Story (with pictures)**

-Lessons I've learned through this adoption journey

-God, Our Provider; God's Many Blessings

-Noelle's Awwww Sooooo Cute Little Girl Clothes (thank you friends!)

-Last Things (i.e. "The last time I will eat a bowl of ice cream without sharing." This topic is actually not my own, but my friend Lisa W. had a post on her blog like this, pre-Reagan. Very cute!)


Disclaimer: The author of this blog has entered a deep wormhole of packing, shopping, baby proofing, organizing, cleaning, studying (toddler adoption issues, Chinese phrases, baby sign language, "What to Expect When You're Expecting: The Toddler Years", etc.), and much more. If she manages to briefly escape said wormhole, the posts found here may be thin, sparse, and poorly written. Blog topics mentioned above may or may not not be completely or accurately addressed until returning from a distant land with a living, breathing, giggling, pull the kittys' tails, running around the house, toddler in tow. And even then, especially then, the above discaimer ("...thin, sparse, poorly written...") shall still apply.

Just so you know.


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