Sunday, March 9, 2008

three days...and a prayer

3 days and counting...

Today is a much better day. Actually, things started to improve by yesterday afternoon. We got out of the house (beautiful sunny day), helped my aunt and uncle move into their new house in Kansas City, and ran more pre-Noelle errands. Eric and I had some really great talks in the car (as is often the case) about the Lord and our future. Is was so nice to just be together. Then we ended the night with a visit to a bookstore and read for a while in the cafe (one of our all time fave things to do). It suddenly hit us that that was the last time we will do this as a foot-loose and fancy-free no-kids couple. Weird. But good.

Something else that made today such a good day was the Sunday morning service. One of the leaders in our church and his wife asked Eric and I come down front at the end of service. The entire congregation then surrounded us and laid hands on us to pray for Noelle and our trip. They made us feel so loved and cared for. As a pastor, Eric is often caught up with meeting the needs of his flock, but having our church family reach out to us in this way just warmed our hearts and moved us deeply. We are blessed beyond measure!

BTW, thank you so much for everyone who has posted or emailed me to offer their prayers and encouragement. You guys are just terrific, you know?

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