Saturday, March 8, 2008

four days...and a funk

4 days and counting...

I'm feeling weird today, or 'in a funk', as my husband would say. I'm all weepy and emotional and scared and overwhelmed and just wanting to just go back to bed and forget all the tasks that still need to be completed before Wednesday. In some ways, I just wish the whole China trip was over with, and we were all back home settling into life as a family of three.

Any of you other pre- or post- adoptive parents feel this way just before The Big Adventure? THIS adoption is really happening. Maybe I'm a little bit in shock. After the years of praying for and desiring a family, and the many, many months of waiting, IT is happening. Parenthood, and all the responsibility it entails, is upon us.

Jesus, just hold me close. And hold me together.

(gonna go read me some Psalms - that always sets my heart and mind aright!)


Anonymous said...

Big, big hug for you and Eric today. Never having adopted, I don't know exactly what you are feeling right now. But, the birth of Morgan was very exciting and frightening at the same time. We, as you know, had lost one pregnancy, so the anxiety was there with Morgans. I just know that as the days approached for her birth, after many, many complications, we were a mess. But, WOW what a ride. It was unbelievable to finally see her, all healthy, yet very tiny. It was our faith in God that finally made us that family of 3. Hang in there friend. Know that I am praying for all 3 of you!
Love you,

Tina said...

Feeling the exact same as you!! Even though we have 2 children already I am freaking out a little bit! Cannot believe that in a week we are on our way to China. CRAZY! Worry about how it will all turn out (good in the end I know but worried about the beginning). I just have to keep relying on God and his faithfulness throughout and HE will get us through it all. Don't you worry!

Anonymous said...

I can still remember the day that we picked our youngest two up.... standing outside of the door, knowing that they were just on the other side - all I wanted to do was RUN! Now they are are about to become teenage young men, those days still seem in the not toooo distant past. New parenting is scary and exciting in one package. Life for you three will settle down soon enough - just give each other a lot of grace, flexibility and unconditional love - and our God will supply all of your needs.

{{{{HUGS}}}} to you both as you wait out the next few days.


Heather said...

I just discovered your blog!!! We are soooooooo praying for you! It's normal to feel overwhelmed-at least I did with all of my boys. (Of course, maybe you don't want to judge what's 'normal' by me!:))
Take one moment at a time...remember God says not to worry about tomorrow. I know...easier said than done! We love you and can't wait to hear (or read) all the details!
Heather (& Dave)

Teagues said...

Hey Jen,
Checking in on all the people getting ready to travel. IT WILL BE AMAZING!! Know that those of us here at home (and especially the next travel group, STILL waiting on TA) will be praying and watching you guys everyday.
I may feel the way you do in three 2 1/2 weeks but having given birth three times I am confident all those fears will disappear the moment you see her sweet face in real life. Don't let your joy or peace be taken away by anything!!
I love this verse. "HE will keep in perfect peace him..or her.. whose heart is steadfast because she trusts in you! Is. 26:3
I can't wait to watch your trip.
PS..LOVE that curly hair. I prayed for dimples and curly hair. Hudson doesn't have any hair yet and I knew it was along shot but love that it does happen!!

Jennifer&Eric said...


Yay! So glad you found us! Thanks for you words of encouragement and prayers. We can't wait for you and Dave and the cousins to meet Noelle! I hope we'll all be together very soon.

We love you guys soooooooo much!

Jen :-)

Jennifer&Eric said...


Thanks for that great reminder / great verse. He IS our peace!!

And I am praying that your TA comes this week. I hope you all will be jetting off to get your sweet Hudson just as we are jetting back to the States. Then I'll get to follow YOUR blog in China! :)


Jennifer&Eric said...

Wow ladies! I'm feelin' the love over here in cyber land! :)

I am so blessed with such special friends, be they online friends or right here close-enough-to-touch friends. Thanks for everything!

God is so good! All the time!

(Tina...soon to be a flesh n blood friend- yay!)