Thursday, March 6, 2008

six days...and a perm

6 days and counting...

Guess what I did this morning? Got a perm!!

Believe it or not, Eric talked me into it. For two reasons:

1) He knows how frustrated I've been for months with my hair. I've been just sick of it. It's been flat, icky and lifeless - time for a change!

2) He wants to get me out of the bathroom quicker in the mornings. ;-)

I don't blame the guy, though. I hate all the fussy things I feel I need to do to be presentable each day. (I'm starting to loathe hot curlers. Can I get a witness!?!) I wish I had the thick lustrous locks of a model, yet the Lord did not see fit to bless me thus. So, women like myself make do with what 'man' has created - the "Permanent Wave". (God bless the inventor, whoever he was!)

Besides all that, I'm having to come to grips with the fact that chasing an 18 month old around the house will leave little time for primping. Someday soon, after a long day of mommy-ing, I'll slump into a chair, flick dry crusted food off my pants, and sigh, "I was pretty once..."


~A big thanks to Amy C. at JP's Total Image - you are the sweetest ever and the cut and perm is fabulous!!~


bugs parents said...

"pretty once" but now with a heart full to overflowing! Worth all the crusties in the world!

I hope the rest of your packing goes well. You will be holding your darling little girl in your arms before you know it!

Redmom2005 said...

Only six more days until travel!! Hope the packing is going well!

Erin DeNicolo

Anonymous said...

There is nothing more beautiful than a new mom with crusties on her clothes! Ah, basking in the glory of motherhood! It could be worse - Noelle could be a newborn who spits up on your clothes! This way, you bypass the really gross and smelly stuff. :-)

Have fun these last few and busy days.

Nancy for the gang

Jennifer&Eric said...

Thanks gals!

I'm actually looking forward to the crusties. She can make all sorts of messes on me and around me, and I'll be lovin' it! I just can't wait to get my arms around that little girl. Sigh.

Soon. We will have her soon. :)