Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Prayer Requests

We are blessed to have so many faithful prayer warriors out there. And knowing that it sometimes helps to have some specific requests, here are the Johnson Family's :

In no particular order, just as they come to my brain-

1. That nothing important will be forgotten at home - to do, or to bring

2. Health & Safety while flying and in China (Eric's been fighting a cold & I've been fighting flu-like symptoms)

3. Smooth adoption process (there is major red tape and tons of paperwork to be dealt with)

4. Easy transition for Noelle into her new family

5. Quick bonding with both Eric and I (sometimes the babies bond slower with the daddies)

6. Wisdom for parenting a toddler and her unique needs

7. Health for Noelle / wisdom to handle any ailments she may have (this part is a bit scary - you know, first-time parents and all)

9. Building lasting friendships with the other families

10. Health, safety, bonding, transitions for the other families and their new children

11. Grandma(s) and Grandpa(s) ('nuf said!)

12. Health and safety for our 3 kitties back home, who have never been left this long without their human mom and dad (thanks Houstons for lookin' out for them!)

13. That Eric and I will be a shining light for Christ wherever we go (...but not get arrested) ;-)


(I'll add more if I think of them before we go.)

Thank you so much! We love you all!!!


Anonymous said...

Jenn and Eric
We are so excited for you. Everytime I think about you I just get a smile on my face. This is just soooooooo AWESOME. Our whole congregation is praying for you. I only hope one day you will be able to come visit and show Noelle off.

Love ya guys. - Kel

Anonymous said...

Hey Jen and Eric,
Hope you had a great flight. It's been lonely here in Journey to Noelle blogland......:)
I checked on Shadow, Stormie too, and Rainie today. They are doing fine. Morgan and I played with the girls and Shadow even let me pet him for a while. Missing you guys. Can't wait for the first posts from China to start coming through. Have a wonderful time. Love you.
The Houstons

sharon/lauren said...

Enjoy this wonderful experience! Lisa's right STOP WORRYING - you are doing such an exciting, brave thing - Noelle is lucky to get you! As I come and go at home I love knowing your house is empty because you are finally on your way!!! All's well here - 75 degrees yesterday - Eric, by the time you get home, you'll have to cut the grass!!
Have fun!! sharon & lauren