Monday, March 17, 2008

The Consequences...

When you people get home, you will suffer the consequences of making us wait to see Noelle's face! I don't know what I'll do to you but it's not going to be pretty. STEAL a computer if you have to! Write us!

I'm so excited I could scream (but then I'd wake Reagan and I avoid that at all costs) so I'm screaming on the inside and my guts have to wear ear plugs.

We want Noelle!! We want Noelle!!!

Hope you can feel our love, prayers and excitement all the way in China!!! :)

PS Happy St. Patty's Day, Jen! ;)


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Eric and Jenn-
We are so happy for you. Please know we are sharing your joy. Congrats on parenthood.

Sue Frazier said...

Hi Jennifer & Eric

WoW what a blessing for the three of you that God has made you into a loeing family. You will two will be wonderful Godly parent's. I know Jennifer's parent's very well and they are a blessing in my life, as you will be in Noelle's. In no time she will know that you love her deeply. As actions speak much louder than word's. I can see the joy on your faces. May God continue to bless you as a family.

Your Mother & Dad's friend's
and yours !
Love & Prayers from Chuck & Sue Frazier in Knoxville TN.

Anonymous said...

Dear Jennifer and Eric, Thank you so very much for the wonderful pictures of our sweet granddaughter. She truly is beautiful!! Sue made two 8x10s for us, which was so sweet of her. She said "sorry" for the typos in her messege to you, she was in a lot of pain. You are all,hopefully sleeping, especially Noelle, and having sweet dreams of your life together with your special gift from God! Our precious granddaughter is sooo beautiful, and are hearts are so full with joy and thanksgiving that she is finally in your arms! The pictures are all adorable and we are sharing them like proud grandparents should. Jennifer, you look like a radient new Mom as you gaze into your daughter's beautiful face, and Eric, the picture with you sleeping next to Noelle and your protective hand upon her chest is so like an adoring father. You both were chosen by our dear Heavenly Father to love, cherish and raise this precious child to know HIM. What a tremendous privilege and responsibility. We sent a blog to you kids from Joan's computer,and she thought she published it, but for some reason, it didn't take. So here I am again. We are so excited and can hardly wait the week and a half before we will get to hold and kiss our new granddaughter!! We are keeping you always in our prayers and are trusting the Lord to bless the hours and days ahead with sweet joys. Noelle will becomes more and more comfortable with her new Daddy and Mommy. We love you all so very much, and only wish we could adquately express our joy at being first time grandparents. (But words just don't do it)!!
Hopefully, we can do this again later in the week. We love your calls, but certainly understand if you can't continue to do it. Again, much love and prayers, Grammy and Grandad

Anonymous said...

Gramma & Papa J. are trying hard to figure out this hi tech stuff. We are praying for a quick & deep bonding, and can hardly wait to meet Noelle (we will be happy to see mom and dad too).