Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Noelle takes a picture

We were killing some time this afternoon on St*rbucks patio. I rarely patronize this establishment but today they were having a "promotion". An iced coffee for me and a pastry for Noelle. However...the free deal ended at 10:30am. Ah well.

So I ordered the cheapest cold thing on the menu, plus an ice water. Noelle and I discussed the days events as we put our feet up on the patio chairs. I took a few photos of Noelle and she took a few photos of the ground, her knee, the building, a bizarre close-up of my nose and mouth, and eventually my t-shirt.

This week Eric and I are involved in Philanthropy Camp-- a first time effort between our church and the local Jewish organization (their community/cultural center is next door to our church). It is a super intense week of activities in our household, but this camp is a great outreach opportunity for kids grades K-5 in our community. The photo of my t-shirt shows the logo for the camp. Noelle said she like the "gloves".

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