Thursday, July 16, 2009

an update?

I apologize about the lack of blogging here lately. One reason is that I still don't have a home computer. Though, praise God, our brilliant friend Danny believes he was able to recover just about every piece of data from my "very corrupted hard drive". Yes!! He put all that data onto dvd's, and now we're waiting for a new hard drive to arrive in the mail. Eric's brother Kirk is another great techie kind of guy (on the side; he's a pastor in real life) found a good deal for us on E-Bay (??). When that arrives, we can begin to rebuild my computer. Double yes!!

The other reason I haven't kept up with our family blog (tho' I have still been posting, mostly from my phone, on our Taiwan adoption blog) is due to an **overwhelmingly busy** July. It's all great and valuable stuff...but the bulk of everything seems to be happening This Month!! Eeekkk!! Schools around here start back in session much earlier than what we were used to in MO, so maybe we will see things begin to slow down by end of next month.?? Oh I hope so! I've just gotten used to the idea that life in the pastor's family gets intensified during the summer months. That's when we do all those fabulous outreach activities we can't fit in during the school year. As well as picnics, weddings, VBS, etc. Boredom is not an option. (Or maybe sleep...)

I guess what I'm saying is, when I have my computer back and life slows down, I will "attempt" the Summary of All Summaries of the Johnson Family's Summer. And maybe even with pictures. ;-)

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