Monday, July 27, 2009

Crunchy" Hair

Last night after we got home from church, Noelle and I were sitting on the floor together. She decided it was a good opportunity to "style" my hair. As she fiddled and pulled - "Ouch!!" - she commented that my hair was "crunchy". That would be the hairspray. 'Fraid I don't leave the house without it! And Sunday services require an extra coating just to make it through the day's events. ;-)

So today after her bath, I was combing Noelle's hair and we were discussing which hair clip might look nice with her red t-shirt. And then a brilliant idea hit my daughter.

"I want CRUNCHY hair, like Mommy!!"

This statement gave me quite a chuckle. She went on to explain that she wanted me to use hairspray to "fluff" and "scrunch up" her curls. She doesn't really have 'curly' hair, but there is a definite wave that can be acentuated with just the right styling product. And as I usually do "fluff" her hair after bath time, I knew exactly what she was wanting. I spritzed and scrunched away...

What do you think of the final effect?

Little girls are so much fun! :-)

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Judi said...

Her "crunchy" hair is very cute!

Terri said...

Her hair has grown so much! It's just been way too long since we've gotten together. :( Hope we can do something soon!

Anonymous said...

So Pretty!! We just love her!