Friday, July 24, 2009

Philanthropy Camp-- In the News!

Hey Chattanooga area folks! The first annual Philanthropy Camp (mentioned in the previous post) concluded today. The kids and teen counselors-in-training thoroughly enjoyed themselves...and hopefully learned a little along the way about "giving back". Everyone agrees - it was a rousing success!

Channel 3 News came over this morning to the church to interview my hubby Eric, as pastor of 1st Nazarene, and Michael, as the director of the Jewish Community Center. The crew also video taped the kids as we were rehearsing songs for today's closing program (which went fabulously, I might add ;-)). And yesterday Chattanooga Times Free Press came out for some interviews and photos. Check the news tonight and the paper tomorrow for the scoop!

**More about the events of / and purpose behind Philanthropy Camp 2009 coming later... "We came! We saw! We gave!"

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