Sunday, September 13, 2009

~The Blessing Place~

On Wednesday, Noelle started her first day of Mom's Day OutThe Blessing Place is a program run by a church in our community for preschool aged children.  It is a Monday / Wednesday program that follows a regular preschool curriculum.  The kids are divided into classrooms based on age, and they have bible lessons, crafts, music, basic Spanish, field trips (that come to the school), etc. ...and they even have a gymnastics class once a week (super cool!). 

Noelle really enjoyed her first day, and she didn't cry, which made me very relieved, as this was a new school.  I think checking out the room and "inspecting" each and every toy at the open house the previous week helped immensely.  She seems to like her teacher, Mrs. Heather, and enjoys her 5 other classmates.  Only one boy, poor kid - or maybe not!  He seemed to not mind the girls teasing and giggling all about him! lol  Noelle also has a buddy in her room-- Teagan from our local Families with Children from China group (her mom is Terri of Our Hearts' Desire blog).

Here are a few pictures:

Noelle, Teagan and 'the one' boy (I'll have to learn his name)

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