Sunday, September 13, 2009

You might be living with a toddler if... can rattle off the words to the Barney theme song or the text of "Good Night Moon" but can't seem to recall your social security number or zip code when asked. scream in the shower because you see a gaping wound on your leg...thankfully it's only the red Elmo sticker your child stuck there last night.

...your cupboards and drawers are filled more with sippy cups and Dora or Cinderella flatware sets, than with dinner plates or ceramic mugs. And you value these plastic and rubberized items more than your fine china. find you've come to prefer the kids' menu (i.e. chicken nugget meal and apple juice) to your grilled chicken salad and water with lemon.

...your discarded containers, boxes and bottles are confiscated from the trash can and used as toys.

...before leaving the house, you ask your very manly husband, "Do you need to go poo-poo before we go?"

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