Monday, September 21, 2009



After all of us being sick the past couple weeks and spending waaaaaaay too much time in the house and with each other, I was looking forward to preschool today.  I mean really.  A lot.  I was look forward to preschool really a lot.

(come on, moms! who's with me!?)

In my defense, Noelle was too.  She loved her '1 day of school' from 2 weeks ago, and was excited to attend her first gymnastics class, and to see Teagan and the Rodrigez kids (friends from church).

BUT Chattanooga is under water. 

And I mean that almost literally.  It has been raining for days and days and many areas are flooded.  Eric and I feel blessed that our cosy church parsonange home is high up on Missionary Ridge and not in the numerous small valleys across the area.

So we were shoving food down our kiddo with 5 minutes to spare before I tossed her and her Dora backpack in the car...when the phone rang.  Eric grabbed it, read the caller ID out loud and we both groaned.  (My groan might have been a bit louder and longer than his.)  "Cancelled due to flooding."

I love my kid more than life.  But I'll say it again.


(Note: The building was not flooded. Just the parking lot.)

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