Monday, September 21, 2009


Notice anything wrong with this picture?

The mirror is missing. 
A large one that covers the wall and most of the window. 
(Ok, you probably noticed that this is poor placement for a dresser with a mirror, but in our bedroom there is literally no other place to put it.  Between the 2 awkwardly placed windows, the 2 closets, the door to the hall and the door to the bathroom, there is no other available wall.  I feel lucky that we were able to get our bed in this room!)

While in the shower I heard a terrible crash.  My first thought was that maybe the cats had knocked the tv to the floor.  My second thought was, "That had to have woken Noelle.  Grrrrr, those cats better not have woken up Noelle."  I dashed out of the shower to investigate and immediately noticed the dresser mirror was not in it's usual place.

It was here, on the floor.

So much for the mirror I've had since I was a girl.
I guess I won't be checking my outfits or putting on jewelry here any more. 
My antique jewelry/music box also bit the dust.

And so did my (previously) unbroken last collectible figurine given to me by my husband.

Here are the culprits.

I found them cowering under the bed.  When they did eventually slink out, there was narry an apology for the mess and destruction they had left behind.

What led to the cat-astrophe?  They had been up in the window behind the mirror watching birds and squirrels.  Evidently something spooked the kitty-girls during their vigil. 
We have a large tree so close to the house that the area wildlife, from the wooded area behind the parsonage, frequently leap from a branch and race across the roof then back again, all day long. 

The cats love it.
As indooor felines, they find this amusement a wildly entertaining way to spend an afternoon.
I never did love it.  Even more so, NOW.

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Carla said...

Oh NO!!!!!!! the mirror can be replaced though, but probably not rehung there. You could buy a mirror from Hobby Lobby or someplace and hang it to the side of the window....

We've had a cat get excited about a bird outside the window before and break LOTS of things, so i feel your pain there. {HUG}