Sunday, September 20, 2009

Noelle's First Japanese Steakhouse Experience

The fire scared her so much she jumped into Eric's lap.  Each time our cook lit something on fire, she screamed a bit and either hid in her daddy's shoulder or covered her eyes.

Showing more interest in the process...

You can practically see her mouth watering over the steaming chicken.  She cried out, "MEAT!!MEAT!!" when the chef tossed the pink breasts onto the sizzling grill.  (Our girl does eat fruits and veggies, but she is quite the carnivore.)

The hostess loved chatting with Noelle and noticed her struggling to eat with the huge fork.  So...she brought her a pair or training chopsticks instead!  Just moments before, Noelle declared she was "All done!" and wanted to get down to play.  But, when she got those chopsticks in her hand, her focus suddenly changed to cleaning her plate.  And she almost did just that!  She had quite a knack for picking up even bits of rice with this new tool.  Our table-mates were quite impressed.  (Unfortunately we forgot to take them with us when we left the restaurant.  Noelle was sorely disappointed and wanted us to turn around.  Eric consoled her with, "I can make you some chopsticks just like that at home!")

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