Saturday, February 7, 2009

Could Uganda adoption be for YOU???

Remember the family that lost their home in a devastating fire (I posted the link on January 21)? Well, their 2 most recent additions to their family - a toddler boy and girl - come from Uganda. The story of their adoption is a truly amazing and miraculous act of God! You will be blessed when you read their story!

And this link gives a basic overview to the Ugandan adoption process:

I challenge each one of you to discover how you might follow the Biblical charge of caring for orphans and widows. Might it be to donate to an orphanage, to sponsor a hurting child, to be a prayer warrior for the fatherless children of the world...or maybe even to ADOPT?? God WANTS to do amazing things in each of our lives. All He requires is a heart and life that is available for Him to use.

Check it out - then think about it. :)

(And no, we are not announcing our plans to adopt from Uganda. We are still seeking God's will and His leadership for our next adoption, though we are open to anything He desires. We are still leaning toward *something in particular*. More details coming soon!)

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