Thursday, February 5, 2009

I miss the SNOW

The view out our back windows

Though not 'just' snow - we've had some of that in Tennessee, big flakes even, just nothing sticking. Today is one of those days with below-freezing temps. But what is the point without a layer of snow on the ground?

I miss the times when there is *so much snow* that there is almost a 'festive' feeling in the air. With a heavy blanket of snow, you are freezing cold but somehow you don't mind because you feel warm inside, 'electrified' even.

Accompanying that electric feeling is the joy of messy, slipping, sliding acrobatics. Everyone is laughing and giggling as they struggle to keep their balance, doing a sort of avante garde ballet to a backdrop of puffy white. How can you not burst into a huge grin with such antics?

And the great excuse for stocking up on the *necessities* - snacks, dvd rentals, etc. "Shucks! I think I'll have to miss that evening meeting. Better stay close to home in this weather!" Break out the marshmallows and hot chocolate - light the fireplace - snuggle up close to those you love!

But the thing I love most about a fresh blanket of snow is the Quiet-quiet. The heavy flakes act as a damper to the noise and chaos of a busy world. Everything seems to go dim and fade away. Standing in the middle of a wide, white, open space, you inhale deeply and you can Think. It is calm. Peaceful. Dreamy.

Aaahhhh snow...

If you look closely, you can see the big flakes coming down (but not sticking...) in this photo I took earlier this week


Amy Woods said...

Hey! I just read your comment about getting a US passport for Noelle. Yes, all you need is to fill out the passport form and take her birth certificate from China. I took her adoption certificate as well just in case. And her SS card. They took the birth certificate and adoption cert and I had to leave it with them along with the form and a check. She will need to be there so she can have a picture taken. I really thought it was going to be a much bigger deal than it was. So glad it wasn't. We got her passport in 2 weeks, I think. Crazy fast. And they mailed all her certificates back with it. Hope that helps!!! Keep praying for us as we are getting closer to "knowing"...We love you guys!!

Anonymous said...

Sometimes we miss the snow...but then we go to the beach and try not to think about it! LOL! I understand what you are saying though. When we lived in Memphis I felt the same way. If it is going to be cold there should be snow! Congrats on the adoption goal!

Happy Chinese New Year as well. Nattie's class celebrated with a meal and she were her garb to school as well.

Lovin the blog and all hte pics!

The Dunns

Richard said...

No snow in MO today. Upper 60's and a little bit of wind.

Miss you guys.

Karen and Richard