Monday, February 9, 2009

Please PRAY tonight and tomorrow!!!!!!!

Our realtor is showing our house (in MO) tomorrow to a woman who is interested in a lease-to-own situation. This is not ideal, of course, and much depends on the whether or not the leaser/buyer follows through on their end of the deal. We are just getting to the point where we need something to happen very, very soon. We just want free of this debt burden once and for all.

So please pray with us -- and tell all the prayer warriors you know! -- for this whole situation. If God has brought this woman to us as the solution to our housing situation, then pray that we will come to an agreement that works on both ends. If this is not the buyer that God has in store - if our buyer is coming next month when the market traditionally picks up - then pray that the deal will not work or we will feel a strong halt in our spirit about signing an agreement.

'Will keep you posted! Thank you SO much!!!

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