Saturday, February 14, 2009

Tinkle Watch 2

(I have to chuckle as I write about this stuff. Someday when Noelle is old enough to read through this blog, I can vividly picture her reaction to the chronicles of her toilet training progress. That will be something!)

Noelle's toilet setup in the hall off the living room

I am such an excited mommy right now! My little angel is enjoying her naptime slumber and I am rejoicing about the progress she has made this week with toilet training.

Our official start day was Tuesday. Here's the stats:

1 tinkle accident at lunch time (but no potty today (a.k.a. poo-poo))

1 tinkle accident after dinner - this one was partly my fault due to lingering over dinner with friends at church (our Wed. evening meal is at church)
1 potty accident while in the church nursery

0? (I don't think there was a tinkle accident at preschool, but a potty in her diaper during preschool naptime)

0 accidents (though no potty today; we are feeding lots of pear juice and prunes)

1 potty accident this morning (though she tried to finish on her potty chair)
Then...Wah Lah!!! After lunch she produced a potty on the potty chair all by herself!!! People, it's time to crack open the sparkling cider! WooHooo!!!!!!!!

Of course Noelle was very excited with her accomplishment and proclaimed, "I made a long SNAKE!!"

And what did I do? After awarding the her the promised lollipop--

--I took a picture of said snake and emailed it to Eric. Yep. Yep, I did.

His emailed response was, uh..., let's just say "impressed" and leave it at that. ;-)


Amy Woods said...

This post made me laugh out LOUD!!! Thank you for that!!

Anonymous said...

The potty chair is too precious! The things they come up with these days.....They should make grown up ones! LOL!

The Dunns