Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Melissa, our realtor, called this evening. The individual who looked at our house is an older woman who lives right there in Richmond. She's been renting a house for several years and really wants to own her own home. She brought her son and daughter-in-law to the showing. And guess what?

She loves it!!!

And not only that, but rather than doing the lease-to-own, she wants to buy the house outright!!!

She will be speaking with the bank this week and if she can get a the needed loan (she's got a few "issues" to clear up, so please pray...), she wants to move forward right away with the purchase. (If the loan doesn't come through, she is still interested in a lease-to-own.)

Eric and I are just so hopeful. I can hardly keep my excitement from bubbling out of me, but I know we still need to pray and WAIT. Dear Ones, hang with us a little bit longer and keep sending those prayers to our Heavenly Father. And as always, we will let you know what happens.

All our love-

Jen and Eric


DannyandLisa said...

OHMYGOSH!!!!!! HOORAY!!! This is absolutely shout-from-the-hilltop kinda news!!!!!! Keep us posted!

Amy Woods said...

THat is so stinkin' AWESOME!!!! I will keep praying but Yeah God!!!