Thursday, February 5, 2009

FCC Chinese New Year Party

On Saturday January 31st we attended the annual Chinese New year's Celebration at Silverdale Baptist Church with the local Families with Children from China (FCC) group. It was a wonderful evening! Eric and I feel very blessed to be in a community where there are so many other precious kiddos adopted from China. Growing up with friends that have the same ethnicity and background as Noelle will be a tremendous support as she grows up (thinkin' 'bout those pre-teen years...)

My mom and dad (Mary and Roger) were able to join us for the evening's celebration.

My 2 favorite people!

Grammy and Granddad are lookin' sharp in their traditional Chinese tops.

The kids loved running and playing in the gym. You can also see where the professional photographer set up in the corner for family and group shots.

Creativity at the craft table

The kids are really enjoying the many projects that the FCC volunteers set up.

Here is Noelle with one of her playgroup buddies, Teagan, and her big brother Aidan (Noelle's current crush - she already prefers the older guys! ;-) )

(from left to right) Hannah, Elizabeth, Elianna, Teagan, Noelle and Aidan - several playgroup members - they actually climbed up on these bleachers and posed, by themselves - gave us moms another great photo op

Break it down!!

Uh oh!! This almost looks like a slow dance to me. Okay, dating is definitely out until she's 25!!!

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