Sunday, February 1, 2009

psst! some more...

Apparently I stirred up a little curiosity with my earlier "psst! something new is on the horizon" post.

Initially when I put that little teaser on the blog, it was intended to buy me some time for thinking through a more detailed post, though I won't deny that a deep, deep part of me just thought it might be fun to torment you all. (Hey, just keepin' in real!) ;-) I just did not realize, however, how many family and friends would contact us wanting to know what the big news is.

One funny incident I'll share is about Eric's parents. Not long after I published the post, Eric gets a concerned call from his folks wanting to know what is going on with us. They had just read the blog and wanted to find out what we hadn't been telling them. Oops. My poor hubby actually had no idea, not having read the latest installment of JTN (Journey to Noelle). He tried his best to assure them that everything is fine, good in fact, ...and immediately gets online.

Then he calls me. "What exactly are you referring to here??"

Oops again. I thought HE at least would know what I'm referring to. (Note to self: keep working on Communication)

I explain the thing ('translate') and he says, "Okay. But you're going to drive people nuts. Why don't you just tell people??"


Last Sunday at church I had a friend catch me after service. She says, "What's the big news on the blog?!!?"

(Incidentally, this friend, who wishes to remain nameless, has *the best* morning routine. She arrives early to work, warms up her breakfast in the microwave, sits down to her computer...and logs on to "Journey to Noelle". Man oh man, I'm feelin' the love! Then after reading JTN, she checks the online obituaries. Love it!!)

Not having a good answer for her, I just tell her to keep watching the blog. At this point I knew I would have to do a follow-up post soon.









"Journey to Noelle" is going to be changing in a few months.

The title is going change.
"Journey to ???" be announced

The Johnson family is adopting again!!! Wooooooohoooooo----

Now before you get too excited----this is NOT happening right away. Much depends on our house back in Missouri selling. If it sells this spring, we hope to officially begin the adoption process (e.g. sign with an agency) this summer.

We are still praying through our final decision of where to adopt (here in the States or internationally), how to adopt (we are considering an 'independent' adoption), and what age of child. We actually have several options before us, but are leaning more strongly towards two in particular. In my next "psst!" post, I will share many more details and the options that are before us.

What we do know for sure is that God has placed adoption on our hearts and in our hearts, and this is the plan He has chosen for our family. Even now He is preparing a child, born or not yet born, for our family, as He is preparing our family for this new child.

Friends, get ready to join the ride!!!


Redmom2005 said...

I'm on board! I'm ready to join the ride!! Can't wait to hear more details!! I'll keep checkin back!!

The Woods Gang said...

I thought thats what it was!! I can't wait to see where the Lord leads you on this!!

Carla said...

*big grin*

YAY...can not wait to see where this all leads for you all.