Saturday, April 12, 2008

For your viewing pleasure... (More pictures added 4/13/08)

Noelle barking at the scary kitties on our first or second morning back home
(she loves them now!)

The view from above

Noelle in time-out (Just kidding! She just really likes her little pink stool!)

She likes her tricycle, too!

(What do you think of the eighties socks-up-over-the-pants look?

I'm thinking we need to get some leg warmers, too)

Can we go outside, plllllleeease, mom?

Lookin' cool in my overalls (but mom, whazzup with the haircut?!)

Investigating the kitties hide-out

Grammy and Grandad (Jen's folks)

(We're working on getting a picture to post of Grandma and Papa Johnson with Noelle)

Helping the grandmas load the dishwasher

First Sunday back at church -

Noelle is not quite sure what she thinks about yet another new place

Checking out the piano - Maybe she'll put mom out of a job as accompanist!
(She loves our piano at home, so we'll watch and see if we have a budding musician in the family.)

Bathtime antics!

Grammy getting Noelle dry - Love those hooded towels! (Thanks, Karen!)

Do you dare me to jump? Huh? Do ya??

Get me to church on time!

(sippy cup - check!; snack trap filled w/ Cheerios - check!; Froggie - check!)

Waking up from a Sunday nap with daddy


Anonymous said...

Hey, what is up with the craz
y haircut??!!

DannyandLisa said...

OHMYGOSH. This kid is so BEAUTIFUL!!! Thanks for sharing these pictures! Love you guys!