Saturday, April 12, 2008

Gaaaag me with a spoooooon!

While I was cleaning up the kitchen after dinner and Noelle was still in her booster seat finishing up her peach flavored apple sauce (mmmm...BIG smiles!), I started hearing weird sounds that strongly resembled gagging. I called to Noelle with concern, and she just looked over her shoulder at me and grinned. Okay, my kid wasn't choking or about to vomit. Whew!

Well, I continue loading the dishwasher and hear the sound again. Once more I call to Noelle, and she smiles back at me. Hmmm...

Then the third time Noelle gags, I go over to investigate. I notice that she is in the process of gagging herself with her spoon - literally!! I watch fascinated as my smirking 19 month old shoves her plastic toddler spoon back into her throat and makes an awful retching sound. I promptly pull the offensive utensil from her hand, and Noelle bursts out laughing. Crazy kid!

The Eighties and "Valley-Girl" comes to mind -- like, totally.

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Lin Lin & Ping Sang said...

OMG, I thought mine was the only one who did that!! Katie used to make herself gag with out a spoon, somehow with her tongue...just an awful sound!!