Friday, April 18, 2008

Noelle: Feline moderator and disciplinarian

Noelle is very effective at keeping an eye on our 3 cats' inappropriate behavior. If they jump up on top of any surface, she is sure to grab handfuls of fur, yanking them off unceremoniously. If they sniff at any of her food or start batting around any of her toys, she yells at them in toddler Chinese. And if they fight with one another, she sets them straight.

This evening, our somewhat elderly cat Shadow was peacefully napping on the top of his cat "tower." Rainie, one of our 10 month old kitties, wanted to play with her best bud and started batting at Shadow's tail and face. Shadow quickly became miffed and fought back with some punishing blows to Rainie's face.

Well, Noelle was quite disturbed by this unruly behavior and immediately stepped into the middle of the action. As Shadow is her favorite Johnson cat, she ripped Rainie off the scratching post, threw her to the floor, and waved her hands while shouting a brutal scolding. This scene occurred 3 times while mom watched, chuckling from the kitchen.

Unfortunately for Noelle, Shadow did not appreciate his manhood being insulted by having a wee child come to his rescue. When I saw that Shadow was deciding whether or not to teach Noelle a lesson, I separated all 3 and sent them to their corners.


Redmom2005 said...

LOL!!! Cute story!!

Erin DeNicolo

Amy Woods said...

THats awesome!! I love that story!!

amorisa said...

I wish I could have seen that. Too funny!