Thursday, April 3, 2008

My Cat Is a Thief

I hate to say it, but the littlest of our 3 cats, Stormie-too (named after a previous much-loved cat), is a thief.

Although all 3 cats are doing very well with Noelle and seem to love her inspite of the usual toddler tortures, Stormie-too still has her reservations about the newest member of the Johnson household. She still shrinks somewhat from Noelle's aggressive advances, so I'm wondering if the reason that our kitty steals from our daughter is-- latent frustrations.

If we forget and leave a bottle nipple overnight in the dish rack, we undoubtedly find it the next morning in Stormie-too's bed (and we still have not recovered the one stolen last night). If one of Noelle's dirty socks isn't put away in a timely fashion, it gets dragged around the house as well. Other items have met the same fate. Then today when we came home from grocery shopping, the soft green washcloth that had been hanging over the tub after bath time was now in the living room floor.

You might think it unfair that I accuse Stormie-too of this heinous act, but I have a strong circumstantial case: the cat is always found at the scene of the crime. If the thievery continues, I will decide whether to press charges or look for a feline therapist.

This investigation is ongoing.


Anonymous said...

Hey Jen,
Cute post. Laughing, with tears in my eyes here. But, I must come to the defense of poor Stormie-too. Have you done a saliva test on the "stolen" items???? You know, Rainie could be setting her sister up...Stormie-too could only be trying to put the object back where it belongs and that is why you find her at the scene of the crime. She was such a good kitty while you were in China. We didn't have a bit of trouble out of her. She didn't try to take and hide Morgans shoes or anything....ummmm....maybe a hidden camera needs to be installed.

Anonymous said...

maybe it was stormie too and uh maybe it wasn't are you sure of your cats identies maybe some forward thinking prankster switched collars on the cats or did they?
Brian Houston

Anonymous said...

I know who it was.....(yes even though I am in North Carolina). It was the oldest cat with the candlestick in the parlor......:)