Sunday, April 6, 2008

Sunday's Sermon: The Johnson's Story of Adoption

Today at church, Eric, Noelle and I, in our traditional Chinese clothing, shared our journey of adoption and the lessons the Lord has taught (is teaching) us. We brought along several momentos from our China trip, and Eric prepared a power-point presentation complete with photos. We grabbed our stools (you know, for a nice casual approach) and launched into our presentation on the platform. Well, Eric shared from the platform, while I chased Noelle around the sanctuary and back up the platform and down again! She had quickly tired of grabbing for the microphones (she actually knows how to use those things!) and trying to stick her wet finger in the mic jacs. Poor Eric! I was supposed to participate by sharing my thoughts and insights, but Noelle decided that actions (hers) would be more interesting than words (mine). I think the congregation might just agree with that! ;-) They didn't seem to mind the show, as chuckles from the pews could be heard quite often. I'm not sure if anyone even noticed the photos up on the screen - the real thing was much more interesting!

Well, even though our presentation didn't quite go as planned, we were just so blessed to be sharing our testimony of God's grace and His many blessings in a room with so many of our friends (more like family members!). We were somewhat distracted and didn't cover all the points we had hoped, but in spite of that, we pray that God touched hearts today. We are so grateful for the way He moved on our hearts so many, many months ago - how God changed our view of His world and the lonely, fatherless children He loves so much. We pray that maybe someone present today felt God tugging at their heart and will obey the call on their life.

Eric and I couldn't imagine not stepping out on this journey. What we would have missed is unthinkable!! Through adopting Noelle, we have learned so much about our Heavenly Father's heart, yet there are so many more rich lessons ahead. We look forward to all that the future holds. Thank you, Jesus, for calling to us. Thank you for giving us the courage to step out on our biggest faith journey to date. And thank you for our precious daughter.

(What is our Heavenly Father calling you to today?...)


amorisa said...

Hi Jen,
It reminds me of our Easter service in China. I can see her running around giggling now. (All that was missing was XuXu to join her, we miss you guys.) I'm so happy you all are doing well. How did the Dr.'s appointment go? YOu are doing so much better than I am at updating your blog. I can't seem to find the time. But I am determined to do it eventually!
Love and Hugs!

dee said...

It was so much fun seeing you all Sunday and hearing your heart!! Noelle completes you two!! Congradulations!! Abigayle wrote a story about your adoption and about what Noelle did during Sunday service this week in school the girls loved the chance to see you and to finally see Noelle... It also got us really extra excited for our little Ethiopian Princess Aleena...We Love you all!! The White's

dee said...

Jen check out our Blog...Welivebyjohn:316