Saturday, April 26, 2008

Our World Has Changed (for the Much, Much better...)

A recent visit to the park with new buddy Austin W.

Today we have been home with Noelle for 1 whole month. WOW!!! Eric and I can hardly fathom it. We are still reminding ourselves almost daily that we are parents to a real, live child. Again I say, WOW!!!

Parenting is indeed a challenge. It is also very exhausting. (Our once quiet house is now like the Kansas Speedway race track, picnic food-fight, Worlds of Fun amusement park, Barney, and the K.C. Zoo - all rolled into one!) But, boy is it ever worth it!

The joy we experience as we see that happy smile on Noelle's face each morning- Listening to her giggles and screams of excitement as she runs through the house- Watching her cuddle with her Asian baby doll (Thanks Lisa M.!) or stroke her kitty cats- Playing hide-and-seek when her backside is clearly visible at the side of the couch- Wet, gooey kisses- And, oh, SO much more!

We give you thanks, Heavenly Father, for chosing this special little girl for our family. Help us to love and care for her as she deserves. And give us the wisdom and strength to raise her in such a way that she grows up to love you with all her heart. Amen.

The end of a serving of prunes-
Thank goodness she thinks it's pudding, 'cause we
gotta clear this recent blockage of her, ah, plumbing.


Anonymous said...

HOW JOYFUL! Oh how we love this blog! The giggles must be the most wonderful melody to your ears. Thank goodness the days are warming up so she can get to play outside too. Before you know it she will be splashing around in the sprinklers eating popsicles too. Please keep those blogs and pics coming!

The Dunns

Redmom2005 said...

Plumbing!! LOL!! I soooo know what you're talking about! We had the same "plumbing problem" with our little one when we brougth her home! Had to make a trip to the doctor's got so bad!! Cute pictures!!