Wednesday, April 2, 2008

A quick update from the homestead

I am SO sorry the blog has been silent for several days. I just have hardly had a moment (or the strength/energy) to get to the computer. Things are getting better day by day as Eric, Noelle and I are adjusting to our new life together. We are still trying to catch up on sleep and working on getting Noelle into a regular nap and nighttime sleep schedule. We have our good days and our rough days, but overall I think we are moving in the right direction. My parents have been with us since last Wednesday but are heading home back to Knoxville today. We have truly loved having them here - they are having such fun with Noelle and have been helping greatly with household chores - but this has prevented us from getting into a regular daily schedule. I will miss them greatly, but look forward to a calmer and quieter home and having the opportunities to continue forming a strong bond with our daughter.

I just gave you all the barest of information on the last couple days of our time in China and hinted at the rough 30 hour trip home. This weekend I hope to fill in those gaps as well as provide details and photos of the past several days here at home. I must warn you however, that we are back home with our dial-up internet connection, so I won't be able to add as many photos as I would like. It just takes forever!! And with a busy toddler, I can't sit and watch the monitor for each photo to upload. Even though we were rarely able to get online in China, when we did have the opportunity, it was high speed, so adding photos was more practical there. Boy do I miss that! If I can figure out Flickr better (I haven't yet figured out if it can do a speedy download with our slow computer), I will just clear out Eric's laptop and our camera of all the photos from the past 3 weeks and put them up on that website for everyone to see. What'dya think 'bout that?

I've got to get back to my little sweetie - daddy is keeping Noelle entertained while mommy writes this quick post - but we both want to say a big thank you to all of our dear family and friends who have followed our journey so faithfully these past few weeks (and months). Your loving and supportive comments and prayers are deeply appreciated and have lifted our hearts and spririts. Our gracious Heavenly Father is a God of BIG love who gives such amazing gifts to His children. We continue to be humbled and amazed at the precious gift of our daughter Noelle. We look excitedly to the future as God's plan for her life, and our lives together, unfolds. :)

Just like Noelle is learning to do, I'm blowing you all kisses--


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