Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Our Funny Girl

Noelle practicing walking down our stairs

Things about our daughter that make me chuckle...

-The way she loves all kinds of liquid medicines - allergy meds, cough & cold meds, gas relief drops, etc. (When she sees us preparing the medicine dropper, her eyes light up and she says "mmmmm". Yesterday evening when I put her to bed and gave her her cold syrup, she smiled hugely and performed the sign for "More!")

-The way she says "Hi" to our friends in a whisper with a sidelong glance

-The way she flirts and blows kisses to complete strangers in the store or on the street

-When we hold her in our arms, the way she smiles indulgently down upon us while patting our backs

-The way she runs at top speed, giggling and screaming while rolling her head from side to side (mom and dad have to stay close, so she doesn't crash into innocent bystanders)

-When she 'putts' (as we say it in the Johnson household), the way she opens her mouth wide and gasps "Oh!", then pinches up her face and giggles

-The way she hugs and kisses her baby doll so tenderly...then flings her across the room

-The way she cracks up when she tells herself private jokes

-The way she loves looking at photos of herself on our digital camera
-The way she says "mmmmMMMMMmmmm" as we go down the grocery aisles

-The way she impersonates a teenage girl by having way too much fun trying on new clothes (family and friends have truly kept us in supply)

-The way she gives herself a sitting ovation every time she "tinkles" on the grown-up potty

-Every time we walk down our stairs, the way she nods to me and pats the top of her head (she recently took a head-first tumble down several steps, poor baby!) (And yes, she is fine, but scared me half to death!!)

Noelle making a fashion statement

(Okay, the t-shirt and shorts are my doing, but Noelle is

responsible for the choice in hat and shoes!)

Clapping for the American Idol contestants


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