Thursday, April 3, 2008

Gotta brag a little

Since I wasn't able to get on the blog to brag on Noelle a few days ago, I'll do it now. ;-)

Noelle has been 'tinkling' on the big girl toilet!! Yay for mommy and daddy's big girl!!

I thought our daughter might be getting to the place where we could start some early toilet-training. She is very sensitive to her wet diapers and will always acknowledge the need for a diaper change, with sign language, when I ask. Several days ago I noticed her tugging at her pants and squatting down. So I walked her to the bathroom, placed her too cute little bottom on the toilet seat (sorry honey, I know this will embarass you later when you read this blog, but it's a mom-thing)(at least I didn't take pictures, but I'm still considering it...), and she went!! I clapped and hooted and kissed her sweet cheeks so that she knew mommy was proud of her. Then we wiped, flushed and put the diaper back on. This ritual has been repeated several times now. I'm thinking we're gonna have to invest in a potty chair and some pull-ups very soon!

I also wanted to brag on some of the new words she is learning. She has been singing and chattering in Chinese since we met her, but now she is learning to say "Dad", "bottle", "Bye-bye", "Shadow" (our large gray cat, her best bud), "socks" and other words which escape my memory right now. Eric isn't here and Grammy and Grandad are gone, so I will check with them to see what words I've missed. 'Cause there's more! Really there is!


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