Saturday, May 17, 2008

2 Months Today!!!


Two months ago today we saw in person, for the very first time, the sweet face of our Noelle.


I promise I won't do this every month, but as a new mom, I just can't help myself!! :-)

A scared little girl and excited, anxious parents meet for the first time

In the van headed back to the hotel after Gotcha Day at the local CCAA office

Posing in front of the crib in our hotel room, just moments before heading to the lobby, and to Noelle - We wondered what the child would be like who would sleep there...(and notice the St. Patty's Day t-shirt and jeans all set and ready to go)

And then there were 2! (pig-tails, that is) As our Hefei group put it, "Hey! She sprouted another one!!"

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amorisa said...

I can hardly believe that gotcha day was two months ago. I can still picture us all walking down the hall and Jane shouting back at us "The babies are here!"
Takes my breath away.
Love and hugs,