Friday, May 9, 2008

Before I Was A Mom

Since this is my first Mother's Day, I wanted to write a poem or prayer or something to commemorate the occasion. But as I sat down at my computer, I realized that my creative juices just aren't flowing. I've got lots of feelings and emotions and thoughts on the subject, but mostly they are just a jumble inside me. So...I searched online for something appropriate.

You may have already read the poem below somewhere, but I think it does a pretty great job of describing how I feel about becoming a mother.

Before I was a Mom

Before I was a Mom -I slept as late as I wanted and never worried about how late I got into bed. I brushed my hair and my teeth everyday.

Before I was a Mom -I cleaned my house each day. I never tripped over toys or forgot words to a lullaby. I didn't worry whether or not my plants were poisonous. I never thought about immunizations.

Before I was a Mom -I had never been puked on - Pooped on - Spit on - Chewed on, or Peed on. I had complete control of my mind and my thoughts. I slept all night.

Before I was a Mom -I never held down a screaming child so that doctors could do tests...or give shots. I never looked into teary eyes and cried. I never got gloriously happy over a simple grin. I never sat up late hours at night watching a baby sleep.

Before I was a Mom -I never held a sleeping baby just because I didn't want to put it down. I never felt my heart break into a million pieces when I couldn't stop the hurt. I never knew that something so small could affect my life so much. I never knew that I could love someone so much. I never knew I would love being a Mom.

Before I was a Mom -I didn't know the feeling of having my heart outside my body. I didn't know how special it could feel to feed a hungry baby. I didn't know that bond between a mother and her child. I didn't know that something so small could make me feel so important.

Before I was a Mom -I had never gotten up in the middle of the night every 10 minutes to make sure all was okay. I had never known The warmth, The joy, The love, The heartache, The wonderment or the satisfaction of being a Mom. I didn't know I was capable of feeling so much before I was a Mom.

-Author Unknown

To my own mom...
I'd like to say Thank You for being that kind of mom to me, and so much more. I am just now truly realizing what you meant all those times when you said "Jennifer, I love you SO much." I'm sorry for ever taking it for granted. Thank you for for being the first (dad would be the second) person in my life, when the doctor placed me in your arms, to show me what unconditional love is. I look forward to learning from your experience and wisdom as I strive to be a loving mother to my daughter. I love you, Mom.

Mom and Dad-- Thanks for the special delivery today. It made me feel really special!

My mom and I are real tea lovers. We also collect tea cups and tea pots, so this "bouquet" is very appropriate.


Anonymous said...

{{{{Jen}}}} Happy, Happy FIrst Mother's Day!

Ernie & Nancy

bugs parents said...

Happy Mother's Day - I hope you enjoyed it! It's such fun to watch these little ones change practically before our eyes! May each day be a "Mother's Day" for you!

Lin Lin & Ping Sang said...

Happy Mother's Day first time mommy!! Love the poem (or whatever it is called). I've read that before, and it is so true.