Saturday, May 3, 2008

What a week!

Shhhh! Please be quite. Baby is sleeping.

She's out. Finally. Noelle is taking her much needed afternoon nap. Whew! I just realized I'm wiped out! It has been an extraordinarily busy week and our little munchkin hasn't been napping or sleeping quite so well these past few days (so neither have mom and dad). The exciting activity has had her wired, plus it's been a challenge to follow her regular routine of meal time, snack time, nap time, bed time, etc. It has really messed with her circadian rhythms (did I say that right?). Yet in spite of my fuzzy brain and droopy body, I find myself at the computer. Today I have much house cleaning and meal preps to do (some dear friends are coming to spend Sunday with us - yeehaa!), still I feel my keyboard calling out to me...

Sunday thru Wednesday: We participated in Richmond's 3rd Annual Bible Conference at the community gymnasium. What an amazing opportunity for like-minded believers to get together for some good preaching, lively worship, and to help spread God's Word to the world! By late Wednesday night, volunteers had assembled almost 16,000 French New Testaments to be delivered to Haiti! Praise God for the lives that will be touched!!! (I do hope to write more about the conference in another post. With a toddler in tow, I neglected to bring our camera even once! I'm trying to find out who can get me some good photos of the event, then I will share more details.)

Thursday night thru Saturday night: The Annual Richmond Mushroom Festival. Yep, you read that right. Richmond, MO (35 miles NE of Kansas City) is the Mushroom Capital of the World! (Ray County Missouri is known for it's morel mushrooms. Folks have their top secret spots for hunting them each year. We have a contest for finding the largest mushroom - that's front page news around here. And to buy a pound of these babies - well, get ready to shell out some big bucks!) (don't tell anyone, but I personally think they are icky - shhhh!)

We have been involved in the festival every year since we moved to Richmond. Whether it be hosting tables for our church ministries, our local Right2Life group, or our karate school (complete w/ full impact demonstrations); renting a booth to sell gourmet teas (one of my adoption fundraisers); marching in the parade, we can be counted on to participate. It's always a lot of fun, but it's such a relief when it's over. This year we limited our involvement to a karate demo and just supporting our friends with their booths and activities. No tear-down, clean-up, put-away to do this time. Thank goodness!

Now I must be off. My eyes are bugging out on me, so I will take a snooze before I get out the Pledge and dust cloth.

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