Wednesday, May 14, 2008

The Toddler Haze

Have any of you experienced The Toddler Haze? This is what I call the large lapses in memory when you run an errand and forget why you went in the first place. Or, in milder instances, you just forget one of the important items on your list. When I'm concentrating on Noelle's needs - i.e. picking up her dropped doll-baby, wiping her nose, refilling the snack cup with Cheerios, saving some expensive glass vase from destruction, diffusing a potential tantrum when she can't have the toy she wants, etc. - I seem to be in an alternate reality. People can ask me questions about Noelle. I can tell you her age, her weight, her shoe size, when she was adopted, which province she lived in, and so forth. But ask me to find my driver's license, enter my pin number, or ask me "Paper or Plastic?" and you will get a blank confused stare.

Noelle and I have been out running errands no less than 3 times since I have been out of gum. (I need my Trident. I must have my sugar-free Trident!) I have been gumless for nearly 2 weeks now and my teeth are sad, dull and listless. How difficult is it to purchase one stinking pack of gum, I say?! I mean, there are, like, 500 packs of the stuff beckoning to shoppers right at the check-out. But alas, The Toddler Haze has struck again!


Anonymous said...

Well Jennifer, in our house we called it "Baby Brain." You had it when you found out you were "expecting" Noelle but we just didn't say! Really-you were quite the Mommy To Be! At least you haven't put ice cream in the pantry or peanut butter in the refrigerator yet like I did-or have you? ;>)

Noelle's antics are so amusing. I think she is going to be one of those kids that loves roller coasters and thrill rides.

Hang on to your diapies babies! (Rugrats Movie)

Hugs to all

The Dunns

Anonymous said...

Peanut butter in the fridge is still usable, and may even be practical. How about putting trash in the fridge? What about when your little pumpkin takes a nap, having to choose between a nap yourself, shower, laundry, potty break, meal or other previously considered essential function? It is amazing how having a child in the home helps clarify what is REALLY important at any given time!

I used to have to take the house keys with me whenever I walked the 20 yards to the mailbox, because one sprout in particular had learned to lock the front door, and loved practicing his new skill!

Why aren't things like this in parenting books?