Tuesday, May 6, 2008

A Gift from Grandma and Papa Johnson

Look at this beautiful framed print we just received in the mail. It tells Noelle's story, all surrounded by pink, and bows, and flowers and teddy bears. What a precious gift from 2 people who love their little granddaughter very much. Eric tells me it has become a tradition. His parents have a print like this made for all the grandchildren as a keepsake. Well, we love it! And Noelle will too, someday when she is old enough to understand what this gift means. I'm gonna go look for the perfect place on her wall to hang it!

Thanks Mom and Dad J.! We love the gift and we love YOU!!

"My Story"

My name is Noelle JiaZhen Johnson.

I was born on September 2, 2006

in Hefei, Anhui Province, China.

My Gotcha Day is March 17, 2008.

I was 26 inches long and weighed 27 lbs.

My mommy is Jennifer Johnson.

My daddy is Eric Johnson.

I live in Richmond, Missouri.


Amy Woods said...

Jen, when I saw my new niece the first thing I thought AND said to my sister was that she reminded me of Noelle. Glad someone else thought that too!! Especially her mommy!! Hope you all are well. I love keeping up with all that Noelle is doing. She is such a sweet, active little girl. Does she still squeal with excitement when her daddy crawls to catch her?

amorisa said...

What a wonderful keepsake!

Jen, I really enjoyed all the fun posts. You've done such a great job at keeping you blog updated with wonderful stories and Noelle is doing so beautifully! I love the pictures too. It makes me wish even more that our Hefei girls were closer together. Oh well, at least we have the internet.

Blessings to you,