Monday, May 5, 2008

A few cute pictures from this past week

"The Fashion Plate"

Mom, here are the 2 dresses you sent. Noelle had almost as much fun as I did when she tried them on.

"Downsizing from Crib to Cat Bed"

This weekend Eric finished cleaning out the spare room. Now it is a perfect place for Noelle to play with her books and toys, without trashing her bedroom. This morning she had the bright idea to drag our cats' bed from the bedroom to her playroom. She decided it was the perfect place to lounge while reading a book to her baby doll. She even tried to include Rainie in the fun.

"Chillin' and Snackin'"

Noelle loves the outdoors. Our kitchen table is right next to the back door. When it's nice outside, we open the door so we can all enjoy a fresh breeze and a view of the yard. Here, Noelle is enjoying her afternoon snack in the sunshine.

"Kitty Goes for a Stroll"

We left our stroller out in the foyer after being out and about on Friday. On Saturday morning, Noelle discovered it and decided to practice her steering skills. Our cat Stormie-too jumped in (or was forced in by Noelle - details are still sketchy on that) to take a ride. It was really quite amusing, and I was amazed that the cat stayed put for the entire ride - in spite of Noelle's poor driving skills.

"The Elusive Red Balloon"

Noelle was given this helium ballon at the Mushroom Festival on Friday. My guess is, she has never experienced one before now. She was quite taken with it. By the next morning, the balloon had lost just enough helium to make the perfect toy. Noelle had a ball kicking and bopping it around. Then we discovered that if you hit it too high, it still had enough helium left to hug the ceiling. We grabbed the a long-handled cat toy and used it to whack that sticky balloon right off the ceiling and walls. Noelle thought this was even more fun than kicking, so she said "Uh! Uh! Uh!" (translation: Please give me that cat toy!) until we let her try.


Anonymous said...

I Love these pictures! Noelle is such a sweetheart. :)

I need your email so I can send my pictures of her to you!!

♥ Lauren M.

Anonymous said...

We love your little cutie pie - love hearing about her!
sharon and lauren