Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The American Idol Fan

Noelle is a big American Idol Fan. Every Tuesday, promptly at 7:00pm, she grabs a cold bottle of milk, turns the TV on to our local FOX station and settles comfortably onto her pink plastic stool. When her bedtime of 7:30pm arrives (this is when we begin our nite-nite routine), she reluctantly joins me upstairs, pushing 'record' on the VCR as she passes the entertainment center. With each step she critiques the contestants' performances and speculates on who will win.

After last week's show, we discussed the vocals, song selections and costume choices while rocking in Noelle's rocking chair in her room. We both agreed that Syesha, though a good performer, just wasn't strong enough to stick around. We were very pleased to see it has come to a showdown of The Davids'.

Okay, maybe I'm exaggerating. Or maybe I'm describing myself rather than Noelle. Maybe. But I can tell you this - Noelle supports me, joins me even, in this...addiction? guilty pleasure? mind-numbing life-waster reality show?

Back to The Davids. I find myself torn between the 2. I've loved little David Archuletta from the beginning. His voice is probably the most lovely, pure and natural talent of all the competitors on the show (this is the vocal teacher speaking). His vocal talent combined with his humble and gentle spirit make him a very charming performer. But David Cook, on the other hand, is from Kansas City!! I've got to root for him! He is definitely a very gifted musician and the audience loves him. He looks the part and has the maturity of someone who has lived a bit more of life (than say, the 17 year old David A.). He is also a very genuinely good guy. Touch decision. Now Noelle says her choice is easy. She thinks David A. is cute (and not even that much taller than her) and that the other guy is, like, ooooold. I guess we shall see come tomorrow night who will be the happier fan.

(((It really is cute to watch Noelle watching the show. She has certainly demonstrated her love for music in the 2 months we've been a family. And since Eric and I are both musicians, we do what we can to encourage (not push) her love and appreciation to continue. At church during the worship time, she loves to clap or bounce or sway back and forth while I hold her on the pew top in front of me. When I put in some lively CD on the stereo, she gets at kick out of dancing goofy choreography with mom. She enjoys her musically inclined toys (don't all kids). And she sings, at the top of her voice (toddler lyrics are unrecognizable at this juncture), as she marches around the house.

So, when American Idol is on, she sits with me or stands in front of the TV transfixed. The commercials are her toy breaks. Tonight it cracked me up to see her imitate the folks right up there by the stage. She raised her hands above her head and swayed back and forth like a seasoned roadie. Then she did that over-the-head clap that is so popular with all screaming fans. I just wonder what her reaction will be tomorrow night when the tons of confetti drop onto the frenzied crowd as the winner is announced. I see shredded tissues and toilet paper in my future.)))

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Kim said...

Jennifer, I really enjoy reading your blog-you are so funny! We are painfully waiting for our LOA for Cate who is waiting for us in Hefei. I find that reading blogs of families who have been there, done that, gives me hope that it WILL happen! Take care, Kim