Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Photos from Sunday...

Here is Noelle posing in our kitchen before leaving for church. I love this red dress! See the ladybug on the collar? Too cute! This dress was given to Noelle by the Potocknic family during our visit in China. It was too small for their daughter Leila, so they thought we might enjoy having it. We do! Noelle looks so cute!

I do have a confession to make, however. I actually put the dress on...backwards! It was too tight with it on frontways. Noelle was about to pop the buttons with her round belly. So, we turned it around and it fit much better. What do you think? Did we get away with it (or would have, if I hadn't spilled the beans to everyone on the blog)???

Eric posed us for some My First Mother's Day shots with my little 'munchkin girl' (as I love to call her).

This one is my favorite! Too bad it turned out so dark. I love my cuddles with Noelle!

Here are Eric and Noelle goofing around before Sunday dinner. We surmised that eating with the pretty red dress on would be a disastrous mistake. Diapers, a towel and a bib won the day.


The Potocniks said...

I think the only reason I would have known that the dress was backwards was because I used to own it! You are so funny---but whatever you have to do to make it fit! She looks darling in anything so no worries!

Missed you guys at the AWAA fellowship in Lees Summit. We'll have to plan a playdate soon.


Jennifer&Eric said...

We missed seeing you there, too! I was majorly bummed that our weekend was so overbooked that we just couldn't get to the fellowship. :-( Hope you guys had lots of fun, though. How did Leila do? She's such a cutie, I bet she stole the show!

But I like the idea of a play date. I've actually been thinking about emailing you to see if we could set something up. I'll talk with my hubby and get back to you.


Jennifer&Eric said...

Ooops! And...

P.S. Thanks again for the red dress - I LOVE it! (and the yellow pants and sweater set, too!)

Anonymous said...

Nope! We would have never known it was on backwards if you hadn't said anything. What a babydoll! We hope you had a wonderful first Mother's Day! :>)

The Dunns